Yield farming involves you becoming a liquidity provider and locking your cryptocurrency into a smart contract tied to a liquidity pool in the form of liquidity provider tokens, earning you interest in the process.

On the farms page you can view the following:

  • All available farms

  • APR for all farms

  • Total staked per farm

  • Total amount you staked per farm

  • Total amount you earned per farm

If you click on a specific farm, you will see the breakdown of how much liquidity you provided.

You can also harvest rewards here at any time, every 0,5 seconds.

Staking period

You can withdraw from the farms and liquidity pools at any time, there is no lockup period.

Farming APR

The APR rate is variable, the rate can change if the total staked amount changes. If more is staked, then the rate will drop, if less is staked then the rate will go up.

The rate can also change if the USD value of the reward token changes. if the price of the reward token increases, the rate will go up, if it goes down, the rate will go down.

Farming guides

Check out our farming guide here.

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