DEX fees and discounts

Trading fees on Metal X are based on the 30-day average trading volume of the user. Below are different tiers categories based on volume and applicable fees.

Fees table


Metal X offers different discounts based on user/trader activity on the XPR Network. Below is the list of discounts offered.

The highest discount between the volume tier, staking tier, and DEX Key is applied.

Staking discount

Users can get a discount in fees based on how much XPR they have staked on the XPR Network.

NFT Key discount

A trading discount is applied to users holding specific NFT DEX Keys. Users holding a limited edition NFT DEX Key are eligible to receive a 100% discount on fees. More on the NFT DEX Keys here.

Referral discount

The referral program is beneficial for both the referrer and referee as they both earn rewards from the fees. You can learn more about the referral program here.

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