The dex-bot is a custom, open source trading bot for the XPR Network and Metal X.

Code: https://github.com/XPRNetwork/dex-bot

App: https://app.metalx.com

API Docs: https://api.dex.docs.metalx.com

The bot is built using node, typescript, proton/js

Important: Use node 18.0.0

For installation instructions click here.

Grid Bot

Grid Trading Bots are programs that allow users to automatically buy at low and sell at high within a pre-set price range. When one sell order is fully executed, the Grid Trading Bot places a buy order in next round based on timeinterval set in tool at a lower grid level, and vice versa. The Grid Trading strategy might perform best in volatile markets, making profits through a series of orders as token’s price fluctuates.

Market Maker Bot

This bot works against multiple markets to place orders based on levels defined in settings. The purpose of the market making strategy is to put buy and sell orders on the DEX' order books. This strategy doesn’t care about which way the market’s going. The strategy places a ladder of sells at regular intervals above base price, and another ladder of buys beneath it. Use this as a reference and implement yor own trading algorithm.

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