What is Metal X Swap?

Metal X Swap is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to instantly swap XPR Network-based tokens between each other. Users also have the ability to convert supported tokens from different blockchains to XPR Network-based tokens and vice versa. For example, using Metal X Swap, a user can swap XBTC for XUSDT, or convert ETH to XETH before trading it for XPR.

This allows seamless transactions between blockchains due to the speed and flexibility of the XPR Network blockchain. The more liquidity that exists between the pair of tokens being swapped, the lower the slippage will be.

What is a wrapped asset or token?

A wrapped token is an asset hosted on a different blockchain with a price that is the same as the underlying asset, even if it’s not on the same blockchain. A wrapped token holds the identical value to another asset that it represents, either through a smart contract or by being backed one-to-one with the underlying asset.

What is the advantage of an XPR-wrapped token?

When a token becomes wrapped and converted to the XPR Network, it enjoys every benefit that native XPR Network tokens enjoy. That means instant transaction times, industry-low gas fees, and so much more. For example, while it’s nearly impossible to send one satoshi of regular BTC due to the gas fees associated with that blockchain, one satoshi of XBTC can easily and rapidly be sent to other wallets. This same logic applies for other Proton-wrapped tokens as well.

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